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Hydraulic Motors and Steering Units

hidrolik motorWelcome to Hidros Group!

We are your comprehensive source for quality products and solution-oriented service 24 hours a day.

Hidros is leading marketing of hydraulic gear pumps, control valves, hydromotors, steering units, mini power packs and hydraulic accessories. Hidros persuids one goal only customer satisfaction with highest quality, lowest possible price and the best service. Behind this time; Hidros have 14 years of experience in sales engineering of hydraulic components.

• Since its inception 1996, we export our range of quality products to more than 52 countries and work closely with our dealers and OEM’s to develop new products while adhering to strict quality standards.
• Our main aim is to reply all the customers. Our experienced staff is dedicated to delivering superior service and products.
• The determination of our group and the commitment of our employees, striving for perfection in area’s involving sales and service ensures that you receive the right product at the right time. We provide 100 % testing of all equipment manufactured.
• Hidros management guarentees whole products for 2 years. We are proud to say we are your first choice of hydraulic products.





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